We're creating a global discipling community of practice.

A home for leaders who live and lead differently.

Who We Are

1486 Leaders Trained

47 Organizational Cultures Transformed

9 Countries Impacted for the Kingdom

We are men and women from all around the world whose primary desire is to follow Jesus into the beautiful and suffering places He leads us where we can love others as He loved us.

We come from vibrant and diverse backgrounds united in our desire to live an abiding lifestyle of friendship with Jesus that overflows into loving others artfully and sacrificially, especially starting with our families and others God has placed nearest to us, which energizes our bearing witness of Jesus in our vocations and discipling networks.

We have fertilized the organic formation of this virtual and localized community that we call Discipling Communities of Practice. This is a place where we can encourage one another, pray together, and be ever-learning from each other as discipling apprentices who seek to bring the good news of the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

Pictured Above: Journey Nigeria Commissioning

Why You Should Join

Learn and follow Jesus together with thousands of other disciplers around the world.

What you see is what you get. This is it. This is our website. Pretty vanilla, huh?

It's by design.

You see, we used to have one of those glitzy and expensive-to-design static websites you are probably used to seeing. But we decided to make a change for two reasons:

  1. God's Kingdom is always in motion and our website was stuck in the mud.
  2. We are a training organization for discipler-leaders, but the real wisdom that changes leaders' lives comes more from the discipling communities of practice we form around our training than from the training itself.

Most of the thousands of leaders worldwide who have come to us came through a referral by someone in our community. Over 33+ years of ministry work, we have never run an advertising campaign and very few have joined our community because they landed on our webpage and thought to themselves, "What amazing fonts. I better check these guys out."

So we scrapped the whole thing and decided to make our community the website instead. 

If you are wrestling with burnout, want to become a better discipler, or just want to learn how to live at the pace of Jesus, we hope you'll think about joining us. 

Here are some of the benefits of joining TLI's Discipling Community of Practice:

  • Connect with thousands of other ministry leaders around the world to share best ministry practices and be encouraged.
  • The wisdom in our community can serve as your informal Virtual Board of Advisors.
  • Participate in an ongoing Discipling Community of Practice where we help you to
    • Create a Personal Discipling Ethos
    • Commit to a healthy spiritual Rhythm of Life
  • Receive Organizational Transformation Consulting
  • Obtain personalized Spiritual Mentoring
  • Have access to a Digital Resource Library of TLI resources curated over 33+ years
  • Participate in online virtual training, webinars, prayer meetings, etc.
  • Be invited to Retreats and Pilgrimages

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for joining TLI! 

We are so glad you are here!